Saturday, December 27, 2008

Truck stop

Naomi in the driver's seat

It warmed up enough yesterday afternoon to melt the ice on the expressway, and we were able to meet our truck driving uncle at a truck stop near Ann Arbor. In search of a place to sit and talk, we drove to the mall, which reminded me of a zoo. Betsy and Julie did find a couple of good-looking guys, though. It was too noisy and busy for visiting, so we ended up sitting in our fifteen passenger van, eating cookies and listening to Uncle Keith's morbid "I had a friend..." stories. It was dark when we returned to the truck stop, but we still were able to climb in and over Uncle Keith's bobtail (without a trailer) truck before we headed north again. 

As we walked through Macys, Uncle Keith said he could hear his Mom saying, "Now Keith, don't touch anything. Keep your hands in your pockets."

Betsy and a good-looking guy

Julie and her friend

Libby and Betsy on the back of Uncle Keith's truck

Dad peeking through the window into the cab


  1. I see you girls prefer guys who dress up! Not the scruffy kind! That was my taste too, when I was young! Well, one day your prince will come, maybe dressed up...maybe not...

  2. Yeah...Betsy says she prefers guys with blank looks.

  3. Ah yes....Uncle Keith stories...always entertaining.