Friday, December 19, 2008


"Who's crazy idea was this anyway?" I asked, clumps of snow dropping onto the rug as I stomped my feet. I'd ventured outside far enough to shoot a few photos before stumbling back inside looking a little like a snowman. The snow is exciting and beautiful, but I think I'll wait to go outside again until it stops falling. 

We are in the midst of a snow storm that the weather man predicts will dump six to ten inches of snow on Mid-Michigan over the next few hours. Dad listened to a long list of school and college cancellations on the radio this morning. Betsy finished her last exam yesterday afternoon, so we are ready to be stuck at home. Mom offered the school children the choice of their afternoon activity--either a Spanish class or baking cookies. 


  1. Hello to all you wonderful brothers and sisters stuck at home with each other!! I wish we were stuck with you. : ) For me... baking cookies is not a hard choice to make!! Love you all, and hopefully the weather becomes a little more calm so we have a fast trip in.

  2. Cookies! But who will check to make sure they are ok to eat? Have fun in the snow!