Monday, December 1, 2008


When we looked out the windows yesterday morning, we saw large flakes of heavy snow dropping to the ground. We were in northern Indiana, staying with friends for the weekend. Their boys were delighted with the first snow of the season. The eight-year-old found a snow shovel and began clearing the steps and walk.

The snow had stopped and the pavement was wet when we started for home in the afternoon. As we drove closer to home it started snowing and the roads became slippery. The roads were covered with snow when we turned off 127. Our fifteen passenger van doesn't handle well in snow, but as Brother John would say, "God's hand of protection was upon us."

We arrived home around nine and had just hauled our luggage into the house when the power went out. The boys said they saw a burst of light from half a mile west of us and heard a noise. We later saw rescue vehicles headed that way. The power came on in the early morning. 

At six this morning the phone rang with the automated alert system from SVSU. Campus is closed until noon today. We didn't get that much snow, but the rest of mid-Michigan must have been dumped on. It's snowing now and it's predicted to continue at least until noon. Julie and I don't have class until this afternoon. We'll see if the administration calls off the rest of the day or if classes resume. 


  1. Yippie! I love snow days. Glad you made it home safely.

  2. I am so glad that you all made it home safely, Amy! Enjoy your snow!