Saturday, January 24, 2009


Libby's Little Man lazily enjoyed afternoon sun rays 
in the doorway of the goat barn.

It's been warm outside the past few days--in the 20's. Compared with the negative degree weather of earlier in the week, it seems like almost picnic weather. The animals took advantage of the warmer temperature Friday afternoon and lounged outside in the little afternoon sunshine that was available. 

The low temperatures don't bother Lou much--
she's practically a walking bundle of wool.

The mama goats are beginning to swell around the middle.
They are expecting kids in a few months.

Really, this cat is friendly.
So friendly, in fact, that I was only able to capture one frame 
before it came to rub against my legs.


  1. Delightful! I love farm animals. I'm a farm girl at heart, but never lived on one.

  2. I loved the photos, Amy!

    We are enjoying temperatures in the teens today . . . quite different from the near 60 degrees of Thursday! Enjoy your "warm" weather! ;)

  3. Very nice shots. I think Lou has the right idea for MI winter. I won't even post the temp in AZ.

  4. Thanks for not posting the temperature in AZ.