Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I had a "Garfield" Monday (as you might have guessed from my frustrated ranting). When I began student teaching my aunt advised me to "Keep your eyes out for the positive things that happen each day. You'll find them even in the midst of the difficult days..."

My list of positive things was short Monday afternoon--I could only think of one. But Tuesday was a much, much better day. Here's my list of Tuesday's positives.
  • The eighth grade band went on a field trip, so I only had seventeen students instead of thirty. It was much easier to manage the class and I was able to work with individual students. 
  • A group of Seniors are on their second day of self-imposed silence (they're protesting something--I'm not sure what since they won't talk). About half of the Yearbook class is participating in the experiment. Thus sixth hour was quiet. 
  • I was able to resolve an incident that occurred on Tuesday with a student.
  • The days are getting longer in Michigan. Each morning I see more of the sunrise.
  • Wednesday I will be halfway done with my fourth week of student teaching.

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  1. Ha..I love number two....a good lesson....if your going to do a silent protest make sure to communicate what you are protesting in another way or no one will "hear" you! I'm glad your Tuesday went better.