Thursday, January 1, 2009


This post is not for the weak of stomach.

Brother Duford said we made a boring job fun. 

As a favor, Don Duford, a retired butcher and pastor of the Mennonite church, agreed to butcher a few goats yesterday. A month or so ago, Brother Byler traded his milking goats for four goats for meat. Brian selected one of his ten-month-old goats for our freezer. I declined the opportunity to witness and document the first part of the procedure, but headed over to the Bylers after Kendra informed me that the deed was done. 

As Brother Duford cut the meat, I scribbled notes about the cuts and order.
Front legs are for roast or burger
Back straps are for roast or butterfly steaks
Neck is for roast or stew meat
Back legs are for steak or roast
Tenderloins are for steak or roast
Everything else is for burger

Back legs
Front legs
Neck (saw off)
Ribs (saw from tail to head)
Back strap

Pieces to be ground into burger


  1. I have a memory from way back in childhood of a cow hanging in the barn waiting to be butchered, and of a longggggggg tongue in a bowl sitting on the table. Funny how some things implant themselves on your brain never to be forgotten.
    By the way, Happy New Year!

  2. My mother, age 94, wrote the story of her memory of butchering day when she was a child. They butchered hogs and she said not one part of the hog of wasted! I can't imagine it!

  3. oops....I read the warning last....maybe needs to be bigger print next time :) Your weak stomached aunt...

  4. Cows are beef, pigs are pork, lambs are veal, deer is venison, sheep is mutton, and goats are called what?

    ~Betsy O.