Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Too tired for complete sentences. Long day yesterday (when I wrote this post) involving student teaching seminar after school and a smashed driver's side mirror before school...

Who: Aaron
What: Scraping ice off the windshield of our fifteen passenger van
Where: Mid-Michigan after a quarter inch of ice
When: Recent Sunday morning when our church was canceled (We had service at 3 p.m. after the sun had had time to melt the ice and before it had time to freeze again.)
Why: So we could attend morning service at the Mennonite church one mile northwest of our house


  1. -6 this morning! Brrrr! Please tell Aaron 'hi' for me.

  2. What happened to the driver's side mirror?

    ~Betsy O.

  3. What happened to the driver's side mirror?

    It was dark and snowy on my drive in to school yesterday morning and I kept close to the middle of the road (I drive on country roads with deep ditches and don't want to get off to the side of the road). Another car must have had the same idea as I did and we were too close and our mirrors smashed. I thank the Lord for protecting me (I wasn't paying as much attention to my driving as I should have been). I also thank the Lord for my brother who is in the process of locating a mirror at a junk yard.