Friday, January 9, 2009

Winter flower-bed

I noticed the pattern of the shadows on the snow yesterday morning when I ventured outside to start my car and clear the snow from the windshield. The light on the side of the house illuminated stalks in the lifeless flower-bed. My photo opportunities have been severely limited this week, due to student teaching, so I was thrilled to shoot a few frames before returning inside to my bowl of oatmeal. 


  1. Good inspire me. We ate oatmeal this morning too.

  2. We love looking and reading your blog! You take beautiful photos! Kaelyn is cute! Hopefully someday you can meet my little nephew Jeremiah!Oh, by the way, my Family and I really liked the article you wrote in the last "House 'n' Barn Harold"
    ~Hannah at Verdant Farm

  3. Thanks Hannah for leaving a comment. I would love to see your nephew. I'm sure you think he's as cute as I think my niece is!