Monday, January 5, 2009

Student teaching

By Abigail Lang, age 1 1/2 years

Over the next fourteen weeks I will attempt to entertain, motivate, discipline and impart knowledge to approximately one hundred 10th and 11th grade students, while I collaborate with my host teacher and meet the expectations of the University supervisor. 

I will be student teaching.

My supervisors promise that the next weeks will include some of the most stressful days of my entire life. I've already experienced elevated levels of anxiety as I scrambled to complete paperwork required by the University. While most of my peers received their placements in October, I didn't receive my notification until two days before winter break began (and the next day was a snow day!). 

The past few weeks I've undergone a criminal background check, applied for two substitute teaching permits, been fingerprinted at the law enforcement office, completed an in-person interview at a nearby high school (where I wasn't invited to student teach), been photographed for ID, paid union dues, signed and dated stacks of papers, and received training about sexual harassment, blood borne pathogens, FERPA and hazardous communication.

I appreciate your prayers as I embark on this adventure. Please pray that God will grant me sufficient energy, that He will bless my interactions with administrators, teachers, parents and students, and that He will protect me as I travel each day on country roads in the winter weather.

I'm not sure how student teaching will affect my blog. I may be too busy and too tired to post regularly. But I may be too overwhelmed and too stressed not to post. Whatever happens, I'm sure I will not run out of experiences to write about. 


  1. 100 10th and 11th graders? Yes, I'll be praying for you! Just remember God is with you. He loves the 10th & 11th graders as much as 1st & 2nd graders. Am I talking to you or to myself? Well, both of us.

  2. Keep your eyes out for the positive things that happen each day. You'll find them even in the midst of the difficult days... Look for someone (hopefully your supervising teacher)who knows the kids as individuals and will support you with strategies and encourage you with a positive outlook. I'll be praying.

  3. Congratulations, Amy! We'll be praying for you too. Drop me an email sometime and tell me where you're teaching. Public school? Private?

    ~ Betsy O.