Thursday, January 15, 2009

New every morning

The Bible says that God's goodness to us is new every morning (Lamentations 3:23). That's a promise that makes life more than livable.

I was exhausted when I returned home Tuesday evening after a day at school and a meeting at the University. I crawled into bed at quarter to eight. I couldn't allow myself to dwell on lesson plans and unit plan and substitute teaching paperwork--everything seemed impossible. But Wednesday morning when I pushed back the bedcovers, I rejoiced in a new day. I'm a morning person. After a restful night I can believe that the previous night's daunting tasks are conquerable.  

My expectations were met--I had a good day Wednesday.
  • I taught about circumference and area of circles and the students were surprisingly quiet, attentive and cooperative
  • My University supervisor stopped by the school to meet my host teachers
  • I was asked to take photos of students and tutors in the after-school study program (That may seem like a small thing, but for someone who is in the midst of photography withdrawal, it's noteworthy)


  1. A very refreshing blog. I read it to Jerry and he said, "That's true." We both learned that verse when we were in the "2-7" class years ago. Sometimes we need to be reminded of God's goodness. Thanks for sharing, Amy.

  2. Glad to hear your Wednesday day went well. After school meeting make life difficult...Sometimes the best strategy is climb in bed! I always enjoyed photographing the kids on the first day of school....they all come cleaned up real good. Have fun with the photo shoot.