Monday, February 23, 2009


"I wish she had been wearing her seat-belt," someone said. She probably would have climbed from the vehicle, rather than being carried strapped to a backboard.

Libby watched through the kitchen window as a pickup truck hit a patch of ice on the road and the vehicle spun out of control to eventually lodge backward in the county drainage ditch. 

For the next hour we watched as the local volunteer fire department, followed by the EMTs and then the sherriff's deputy responded to the accident. Libby and Logan walked across the snow covered field to offer a blanket and Libby's account of the incident.

After minutes of preparation and consultation, the medical personnel managed to extract the driver after removing the back window of the pickup truck. Strapped to a backboard, she was transported to the hospital to receive treatment for what appeared to be a compound fracture to her leg.  

The tow trucks were just arriving as we left for church in the evening. We always buckle our seat-belts, usually out of habit, but yesterday it was more than just habit.

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