Monday, February 2, 2009

Four weeks done

Last week was a successful week of student teaching--not because I didn't experience frustration or difficulty, but because I survived. I more than survived, because I learned. 

Here are a couple of the learning experiences disguised as difficulties:
  • On Wednesday one of the teachers informed me that the math teacher was home with a sick daughter. Her sub plans included a review lesson with the option that I could begin teaching the next section instead of reviewing the surface area of cylinders and prisms. I didn't have a formal lesson plan prepared, but since I had first hour prep I scratched out a few notes and the answers to some problems and taught a lesson on the surface area of square pyramids to the second and third hour classes. The teacher was home sick on Thursday also, but this time I was prepared with a lesson plan.
  • Thursday night I tossed in bed with a fever and aches and soar throat. Friday morning I called in sick. Despite how miserable I felt, I was able to write lesson plans. Between naps and breaks to sip juice, I was pleased with the amount I was able to accomplish. I'm home again today--hoping to have enough strength to return tomorrow.