Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sticker stock

I don't remember asking the Lord specifically for stickers. I probably mentioned it, but it wasn't a major topic of conversation. 

In the back of my mind, I've been planning to buy stickers for the past month of so. I need them for a reward for a assignment I plan to give my Sunday school class. This week I even wrote the word "stickers" on my to-do list. I planned to order stickers online this weekend, since I didn't have the will-power to force myself to head to north of town toward the big stores and the mall.

I may not have specifically mentioned my need of stickers, but I specifically thanked God when my need was provided. After my seminar at SVSU on Friday, I rode along with Mom and most of the rest of the family to our favorite Amish stores in Clare. Our second stop was the ding-and-dent store, and as I waited near the check-out I spotted a box with the sign, "stickers $0.25."  

Immediately I began rooting through the cardboard box, pulling out packets of stickers of dogs, stars, hot rod cars, ice cream, American flags, ladybugs. I paid less for twenty packets of stickers than I would have paid for three packets at regular price.

Our next stop was the hardware store and I added three more packets of stickers (the price wasn't quite as good, but I wanted a few more stickers that would appeal to boys) and ten butterfly pencils to my collection. 

Unexpectedly, in a few minutes, without the effort of an extra trip to town or the added expense of postage, I had in my hands the stickers I need for Sunday school. 

I am often tempted to think that God has overlooked me--that somewhere in the portals of Heaven my needs have been buried under a stack of worthier or more urgent requests. That's when I need a reminder. Friday God provided stickers for Sunday school class, not just to meet my immediate need, but also to demonstrate that He is interested and involved in even the minutest details of my life. 

And my God will meet all your needs 
according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus
Philippians 4.19 NIV

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