Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Dad points out an aspect of the architecture of Aaron's house, during lunch break Saturday afternoon.

There's plenty of room to entertain in Aaron's house, especially since there are no interior walls at the moment. Saturday afternoon we balanced a sheet of plywood between two sawhorses and set pizza, breadsticks, salad and pop on the makeshift table. 

We turned over five gallon buckets to use as chairs. Aaron as head of the house, claimed the only real chair--a folding lawn chair. 

Clean-up after the meal was easy. Logan burned the paper plates and pizza boxes in the wood stove and the crew with hammers and crow bars literally pulled up the dining room floor. 

Over due for a trip to the landfill, the dumpster in Aaron's yard is overflowing with waste from the remodeling project. 

The previous owners installed new boards beside the old ones, after lack of eaves on the house cause the boards under the floor to rot.  

Betsy and Brian (not pictured) helped Aaron pry up the floor in the dining room. 

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