Thursday, February 12, 2009

New tractor

I was home long enough Tuesday afternoon--between school and a seminar at the University--to witness the long anticipated tractor swap. Aaron and Brian arranged to exchanged the MF 1155 and some cash for a Deutz Allis 6250 loader tractor. I snapped a few photos on my way out the driveway to my meeting and when I returned Brian informed me that Joel needed pictures of the tractor. 

But my plan for the evening included a shower and bed, and no one offered a big enough bribe for me to rearrange my schedule. Brian managed to snap a few pictures in the dark to pacify Joel. 

Yesterday evening I took a break from my to-do list activities to transfer my photos to the computer and upload one to my blog. I'm sure I will be required to do another tractor photo shoot, but at least this photo should help to redeem my reputation as the somewhat reluctant tractor photographer. 

(For those of you non-tractor connoisseurs, please notice the blue sky in the photo. I'd almost forgotten that the sky could have color in Michigan). 


  1. Wow...that's a beautiful sky! Yes, Joel didn't eat dinner with me that night because of some new tractor. ; ) He was wondering yesterday when the "new tractor" would appear your blog.

  2. Congratulations on the new member of the tractor family. Glad you have some blue sky to make a nice backdrop for your photo shooting. You are my favorite tractor photographer!