Saturday, February 7, 2009

Middle name

While cleaning at Grandpa's house, Mom discovered stacks of papers Grandma saved. She gave me a a pile of pictures and construction paper cards.  As I leafed through the collection of my early artwork, I remembered the day that I learned I had a middle name...

I slipped down from the chair at Grandma's dining-room table, where I had filled a sheet of construction paper with my first name and other "words," and paper in hand, went to find my Mom to have her read it to me. I was disappointed when she told me she couldn't read what I had written. My scribbling looked just as genuine as the loops and curves she made on paper.

Mom did point out one shape. "This looks like an 'e' that's in your middle name," she said. She showed me how to form the letters, L-e-e. I hadn't even known I had a middle name. I not only learned I had a middle name, I started to learn how to write it.