Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Girl party

Brother Duford thought Kendra was joking when she told him she enjoyed tea parties. Given the context of goat butchering when the conversation took place, Brother Duford's disbelief is understandable. But when nine of us girls met at the Bylers' house on Monday afternoon it was indeed for a tea party--a pink, girlie party, complete with heart-shaped party favors and plenty of chocolate.

Last year we began the tradition of holding a post-Valentine's Day party for ourselves. None of us were presented with chocolate and roses by dashing young gentlemen, so we bought treats for ourselves on clearance after the hooplah of the holiday passed. Then we asked ourselves out for a date.

Our tea was delightful and after a brief appearance by a young gentleman (don't crash our party, boy!), most of the Byler and Cook girls headed to town to shop for a present for our niece's birthday in July. On the way home the girls picked up a "chick flick" from the library, which they watched at our house after a brief group photo shoot. I missed most of the fifties musical, but from the uproarious laughter I heard in my bedroom, I can attest that the entertainment was a success.

Amanda serves mocha punch, while Kendra prepares to pour tea for her guests.

Rebekah received the doorprize--a stuffed dog with a rose in his mouth--after discovering a princess band-aid on the bottom of her chair.

Our dearly departed friends/sisters (and one brother/brother-in-law and niece) who now reside in Pennsylvania and were unable to join in the festivities.

Naomi waits for the rest of the girls to gather for a group photo.

The Forsee girls had to leave early, but the rest of us managed to pose for a fairly painless group portrait.


  1. dearly departed? sounds like they passed away! Glad you had fun with the holiday.

  2. What a delightfully fun idea! Looking at your pictures reminded me of one time years ago when our neighbor invited our young daughter and several other little girls over for a Valentine's tea party. They got all dressed up and had such a wonderful time drinking pink punch and eating heart-shaped cakes and such!

    I was mentally counting Cook girls and Byler girls and wondering where the number nine was coming from. I take it Rebekah must be a Forsee? I didn't realize one of the Byler sisters was away--she must be the one in college?

    What a lucky little niece you have, to be shopped for so far in advance of her birthday! :-) I'm sure it will be a very special celebration!

    We miss your family! ~ Betsy O.

  3. Okay, you got me there - Kendra would have been the last one of the Byler girls I would have marked down as a lover of tea parties.
    Well, her and Amanda...
    I picture Kendra as more of an outdoor person and Amanda with "blood and guts" mind set. :)
    Now can you imagine tea cups with that? :)
    I know you miss Kathryn, but I absolutely love having her "within reach" and getting a good Byler hug every now and then.

  4. delightful is an understatement...

    girls, thanks for a marvelous, girly tea party!


    P.S. Sister Engle- spare us. Please stop taking our friends away! : )

    A.C.- that choice of words was Amy's. Libby and Betsy didn't think they should be dubbed as "dearly departed" either.

  5. Betsy--
    We had five Cook girls, two Bylers and two Forsees at the party. Kathryn and Judith are in Pennsylvania.

  6. I think I missed a lot of fun, but I'm still really glad you all got to get together for the party! I know with everyone's schedules it can be very hard. :D love and miss you all!!

  7. Hey Hey Hey
    I'm so sorry I missed out girls :(
    I really wish I could have been there. I miss you all very much and can not wait to see you! I'm glad you were able to have so much fun. Now we will just have to do it again when I come home this summer....
    Love and miss you very much!!!