Saturday, March 7, 2009


No camera. No picture.

Last week I took photos on January 1, 2000. At least that's the date my Canon Rebel XSi recorded. Last Saturday I had a conference with a Canon representative who concluded that the internal battery in camera is flukey. So I am in the process of kissing my camera good-bye, packing it in a box and entrusting the US Postal Service to convey it to the camera hospital in Virginia. I already miss it.

I still have my trusty Konica Minolta, which will have to do until the Rebel returns. My motivation in packing up the Rebel and shipping it out is the hopes that it will return before I finish student teaching. Once I have a little free time I plan to go on a photo rampage and I want to have the Rebel to use.


  1. Yikes....a photo rampage in the sure to give those in your way fair notice so they can get out of the way if they don't want to get shot! Hope you fair well as the rebel is in the hospital...just think of it as a visit to the olden days.

  2. You're a very creative photographer. I hope you get your camera back soon.