Thursday, March 12, 2009


I inherited my Grandma's movie camera spot light. It's a powerful light, with enough watts to blind any subject (as my mother, aunt and uncles can testify). I haven't experimented much with lighting for photographs beyond the built-in camera flash and natural light sources. The movie light provided me the opportunity to "play" with lighting.

While the old movie light might not be the best for portraits (and it makes me a little nervous when I smell it getting warm), it was in my price-range (free). So the other evening when I "needed" to take a photo, I dug the old light out of my closet, flicked the switch and aimed it at the white ceiling. Then I grabbed my camera and focused on my sisters who are immune enough to my craziness not to pay any attention to me.

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  1. ahhh yes....funny how something so uncomfortable (the bright light in your eyes) can provoke with such fond memories (Christmas morning as a kid)