Friday, March 27, 2009

In His body

Last year, in anticipation of remembering Jesus' death and celebrating His resurrection, I created this three-dimensional interpretation of the reason Jesus suffered and died on the cross. It was intended to be interactive art, so that viewers contributed and add significance to the piece.

Strips of paper are wound around the paper mache hand that is nailed to the wooden beam. The papers contain handwritten and printed words representing sins--lying, cheating on a test, adultery, rebellion, gluttony--along with names of individual sinners--Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Amy Cook. 

It was our sins--the sins of each and every one of us whether we acknowledge and accept his atonement or not--that Jesus bodily bore on the cross. Last year I offered family members and friends the opportunity to write their sins on a piece of paper and paste it on the paper mache arm. 

This year the piece is displayed on our piano in our livingroom, along with three small wooden crosses, an empty tomb constructed of black paper and a crown of thorns. If you are in the area are interested in particiating in interactive art and would like to write your sins on a slip of paper to paste on the paper mache arm, please stop by our house. 

Even if you can't participate in-person, you can participate in spirit. Take a moment to mentally write your sins on a slip of paper and "paste" them on the paper mache arm. Then thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the incomprehensible price that He paid two thousand years ago to secure your redemption.

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