Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quit this gig

A frequent topic of conversation over lunch in the teacher's lounge is, "What I would do if I quit this gig."

The physical education teacher says she would go into construction and build houses. The science teacher would be a geologist and hunt rocks. The math teacher would race snowmobiles. Me, I would write and take pictures.

Friday I had one of those days, just like every teacher does, and I came home and cried. The principal asked for information that was on the sticky notes that I threw out the day before. Two paper airplanes equaled two detentions and two angry students. Then there was the feedback that was easiest to interpret as a personal failure instead of a component to ensure future success. It was one of those days when I thought about what I would do if I quit this gig.

But my fantasy will become my reality. I will quit this gig. In five weeks I will be done and I will take pictures (Canon assures me that my camera will be homeward bound in a week or so) and I will least for the summer.


  1. Dearest Amy - sorry you had a rough Friday. Isn't it odd that it was Friday the 13th?? Here's some comforting feedback for you--when I read your description of things gone wrong, you could have been talking about me on some days of this gig called parenting. The fact is, we all feel those personal failures and experience those Jonah days. But in reality, they are NOT failures, and the rough times do pass. For me, I won't be quitting this gig called parenting any time soon--actually, never--but I know that someday, I'll look back even at the rough times and be thankful. And so will you.

    Meanwhile, finish this well, for the sake of your Lord who rejoices over you!:-) You're in my prayers, always.

    Betsy O.

  2. Thanks so much Betsy. Now I will go write lesson plans for next week.

  3. Bummer....I hate bad Fridays. There are times when you just need to breath God in deep and allow His Spirit in you to sustain you. When I have a "bad Friday" I try to make myself think on the good things rather than dwell on the negative that would like to swarm wild in my mind. God has given you a generous portion of talents and abilities and He knows just how to shape and perfect them. Sometimes it is ouchy but the final result-being shaped in his image-is a beautiful thing. Hang in there...You have your very own personal cheerleader in Arizona