Thursday, March 5, 2009

First kid

Kidding season has begun. Brian discovered the first kid of the season when he checked on his animals on Wednesday. After giving birth outside the goat mama neglected to clean the buck kid or nurse him. 

Brian and Libby immediately tried to warm the little guy and then get him to drink milk. Then they moved the mama and kid into the pens Brian constructed in one of the bays in the barn. 

Brian herded the other expectant mamas into the other two maternity pens to avoid any more outdoor births. 

A cat watched from its perch on the fence as Mom checks on the buck kid as he snuggles under the straw in the corner of the pen.

This poor mama is so huge that she refused to move to when I stepped into her pen to get a photograph of the kid on the other side of the fence. 


  1. Today the buck seems to be doing fine. Dora-kid produced a little doe this morning.