Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Mennonite farm, Montezuma, Georgia

When we left Michigan, tiny, green shoots were just pushing their way through the soil and our spring harvest was limited to asparagus and rhubarb. Georgia has a completely different growing season, and some different crops. The fields of wheat were brown, ready for harvest, and the some of the field corn was tasseled.

On our long drive from Georgia to North Carolina yesterday we passed groves of pecan trees, stands of bamboo, and patches of Queen Anne's Lace. We stopped at a roadside stand to purchase a small basket of peaches. They were deliciously ripe and sweet and the juice ran down our fingers as we ate.


  1. The peaches sound yummy. I always enjoy driving south in the early spring and watching spring unfold as you go.

  2. Is that cow sticking it's tongue out at you? What did you say to it? Cheese?

  3. Uncle Wayne was the one talking to her. He called her a lady.