Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Susie was like a little monkey--hopping up and down the rocky Pennsylvania slopes in her bare feet.

Of all the sights on our nearly 3,000 mile trip, I was most excited by the familiar scenery of the last few miles. Roads straight for as far as I could see. Chemical plant, cooling pond, Lutheran church with the statue of Jesus out front. Trees, fields, railroad tracks and the bridge that used to dip in the middle. After fifteen days we had reached my favorite part of traveling--coming home.

Aunt Gera preparing watermelon and mango for breakfast.

Amanda's cousins feeding carp at a marina in North Carolina.

We crossed this railroad track on our Sunday morning walk to the Americus Mennonite Fellowship in Georgia.

Home--where my sister said, "Now that you're home are you going to post good pictures to your blog again?" Home. 


  1. Thanks for sharing with us about your travels. I'm glad to know you're home safely.