Thursday, June 4, 2009


I sampled lamb curry, chicken sausage, Mexican bean stew, chicken curry, fried plantain, casserole with goat cheese and mango nectar for lunch. The meal was delicious—especially the fried plantain. I have tasted something called plantain before, but it was nothing like the sweet and crunchy fruit I savored on Wednesday afternoon.

At the suggestion of my Uncle Wayne, Amanda and I visited Your Dekalb Farmers Market near Atlanta, Georgia. Large tables of vegetables and fruits cross the middle of the store and feature everything from cucumbers to yucca. Along one wall grocery shelves reach to the ceiling. Other corners house the bakery, deli, flower shop, and cafe. Seafood is arranged in refrigerated cases and employees wait behind the counter to clean fish for visitors. A sign in the meat department declare that the goat and lamb have been prepared according to Muslim requirements. Near the frozen food section there’s a machine to press fresh sugar cane into juice.

The customers are just as diverse as the food. The sound of many languages blend together and even some of the announcements that jumble over the speakers aren’t in English. Patrons push carts loaded with groceries unavailable elsewhere.

After eating our lunch at the cafĂ© in the corner, Amanda and I decided to try the Italian Gelato. I ordered our frozen treat while she proceeded with our purchases to the checkout. “One scoop of pistachio in a cup,” I told the girl behind the counter after consulting the list of flavors on the sign.

“We don’t have.” She said.

“Okay, I’ll take mango.”

Again she shook her head.

“Mint chocolate chip?”


“Well, what do you have?” I finally asked.

I left with a serving of vanilla.

True international flavor.

Sorry for the lack of photos--no photography was allowed inside the Market.

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