Saturday, June 13, 2009

Green Dragon

The Green Dragon is a huge indoor-outdoor market in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, filled with strawberries, scrubs, leather jackets, soap, and cinnamon rolls, and lots of people, including Judith, Amanda, Kaelyn and me. The Green Dragon used to be a speak-easy until Federal agents shut it down and a Mennonite man purchased the buildings and opened an auction barn. The enterprise has grown to encompass everything from gallons of homemade root beer to sun hats.

Aunt Amy bought Kaelyn a hat.


  1. Tell Kaelyn I love her hat. Why the name green dragon? Is it a large green building? And what is a speak-easy?

  2. A speak-easy is where they served alcohol during Prohobition. The Green Dragon was the name of the dance hall/speak-easy and the name stuck after the building was converted to an auction barn.