Friday, June 5, 2009

Providence Canyon

Providence Canyon, the park ranger informed us, is one of the Seven Wonders of Georgia. The canyons, located near the Alabama state line in Southern Georgia, was formed in the last eighty years from soil erosion. The canyons began around the 1830's as the result of poor farming practices.

The canyon was named for the Providence Methodist Church. The blue-gray building, which is now a part of the state park, was moved across the road away from the ever expanding canyon.

In an attempt to control erosion, concerned people introduced kudzu--a viney plant with a tuber root from Japan. The plant failed to curb the erosion, but has since invade the countryside in Georgia.


  1. I remember when Wayne took Grandma and Grandpa and me was a fun day.

  2. Wow! We think the cousins are getting taller. What long legs they have in these pictures. I hope I get to see them again before they are taller than me. Maybe I will be the shortest cousin. :(