Saturday, August 16, 2008

At the blueberry farm

"Excuse me. Is this the way to Saginaw?"

Logan practicing his memory verses while we wait for customers to finishing picking berries Wednesday morning. 

Rejected berries.

We had a busy morning. Aaron, Julie, Betsy and Brian went camping for the weekend with a group of young people on the west side of the state, leaving the rest of us with the animal and Farmer's Market responsibilities. This morning Dad and Libby took the berries to market. At seven Mom and Naomi went to the market. Naomi stayed with Dad and Mom brought Libby home to milk our goats and Kendra Byler's goats. Then Mom and Libby went back up to the market and Logan and I went over to the blueberry farm. We converged back at the house around noon and after eating and comparing stories of our morning, most of us opted for naps.

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