Monday, August 11, 2008

Byler Girls

All of the Byler girls were at church together yesterday. Saturday evening Kendra and Kathryn returned from a month in Canada. Joel, Judith and Kaelyn came up for the weekend for Kaelyn's dedication service. It used to be that the four Byler girls sat in a row in the front pew at church. But girls grow up--Judith lives in Whitmore Lake, Kathryn is moving to Pennsylvania to attend school, and Amanda often works as a nurse at the hospital on Sundays. So for a few minutes on Sunday evening Amanda, Judith, Kendra and Kathryn enjoyed their sister time as they posed for photographs.


  1. Some things never change!
    And that is said with a whole
    ton of love behind it.

  2. A-Mi,
    I especially like the last shot in the grass. The different expressions on each girls face makes this an excellent shot. Good work my fellow camera lover!

  3. Oh - wow. I am *so* enjoying the moment.....
    No, really

  4. I love comparing Amanda's and my hair to Kathryn's and Judith's in that second pic. Ha!