Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reason #18

Why I enjoy running the blueberry farm
The Ice Cream Fund
Naomi decorated our "Ice Cream Fond" jar.

Betsy ordered three gallons of Cherry Amaretto ice cream from the Freeland Dairy and on Friday night our family converged at the blueberry farm to devour the treat (after we picked 64 quarts of berries to take to the market the next morning). The maraschino cherry, chocolate chunk ice cream was purchased by our ice cream fund--a voluntary pool of the nickles, dims, quarters and dollar bills we receive as tips. True to Cook tradition, we didn't eat our ice cream until it was too dark to work outside. Lack of sunlight, though, didn't diminish the enjoyment of our anticipated reward. 

1 comment:

  1. Cherry Amaretto sounds divine. I wish I weren't the only one in our family who likes maraschino cherries!

    On the other hand, I could have a quart of ice cream all to myself!


    Betsy O.