Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cook Girls

Since I posted photos of the four Byler girls yesterday, I thought it fair that I post a photo of the five Cook girls today. We posed for this photo in our orchard in May (and I confess, there wasn't actually a pink sunset in the background. I added it.). Julie and I have a 16x20" framed print of this photo hanging in our bedroom. 


  1. Did you take this photo with some kind of timer and tripod, or did someone else take it? And how did you add the sunset?

    Betsy O.

  2. I used a tripod and the self-timer on the camera to take that photo. The sunset was from a photo I had taken months before in approximately the same spot. I erased the bottom half of the sunset photo, roughly outlining our heads. Then I used the composite feature in PhotoStudio to stick the sunset photo with the portrait. I chose the "darker" setting so that where there was a difference in the colors between the two photos, it chose the darker--thus adding the darker sunset sky in place of the blank white sky in the original portrait. With the right tool, it was easier than it sounds.

  3. Aamee,
    When I was packing I happened upon a bag of grandpa shopping that I don't remember ever seeing....in it was the software for Photo Explosion Deluxe. Jay loaded it on his computer last night and I played a little. Wish you were here to help me figure out how to use it. Hope to be able to figure it out soon enough to do some fun things with wedding photos.
    Say Cheese!