Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just the facts

We would classify it as a myth, a story told to explain the observable world, if it were in my English classes. But since it is in my science class it is fact. 

There are at least five references of "goo to you via the zoo" Evolution in the first chapter of Human Biology (Sylvia S. Mader, McGraw Hill, 10th edition). Evolution, not the Creator God, is the explanation for the "unity and diversity of life" (Mader 5). 

Sadly the moral influence of this belief is evident, a few pages later when the author mentions stem cell research and global warming. I don't write in my textbooks, but I made an exception when I read, "early human embryos are composed only of cells... Should human embryos be dismantled and used...? It means they will never have the opportunity to become a human being" (14). Babies are not just cells. They don't simply have the opportunity to become human beings; they are people with eternal souls.

It further distressed me to read the "Bioethical Focus" on the next page. Polar bears may become extinct as a result of global warming, chemical pollution, and oil and gas exploration. According to Mader, "Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife refuge in Alaska will impact about half of the onshore denning sites that are used by pregnant females...[and] significantly lower the survival rate of polar bear females, as well as their young....Therefore, it might behoove us to take all possible steps to conserve species" (15). 

What up-side-down priorities to be concerned about unborn polar bear cubs, and refuse to acknowledge that human embryos are people with a right to be born and live. It certainly behooves us to conserve natural resources. It behooves us even more to acknowledge Almighty God as Creator and Ruler of the universe and to pattern our lives according to the standards and rules He has set in place.

O Lord, the great and awesome God, 
who keeps his covenant of love 
with all who love him and obey his commands, 
we have sinned and done wrong
We have been wicked and have rebelled
we have turned away from your commands and laws. 
Daniel 9:4-5 NIV

Here are some resources I find helpful when I encounter false facts.

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