Saturday, August 23, 2008

Farmer's Market

I hadn't visited the Farmer's Market yet this year, so this morning I rolled out of bed fifteen minutes earlier than usual, and with my camera around my neck I headed downtown. The Farmer's Market has its own circular pavilion near the Tridge (a bridge with three bases where the Tittabawassee and Chippewa Rivers meet). 

This week it was Brian and Julie's turn to man the stall on the inside of the circle, beneath the blue tarp Betsy rigged up to keep off the sun and rain. Since it was Julie's last trip to the market for the year, she baked blueberry pies to share with the other vendors. Bob, the market master, received his own pie with his name dotted in the top crust. 

Michelle Flower neighbored the "blueberry girls" on one side, with Paul's Produce on the other and the Corrion Farms beyond that. While at the market, Betsy and I walked the circle and purchased cauliflower, watermelon, and colored peppers. The Whole Grain Bakery and Denise Ciarviano of Fat Gander did my Saturday baking for me. I came home with loaves of cinnamon, raisin, rosemary, and tomato basil bread. 


  1. I loved all the photos, Amy! Especially that first one. :) Thank you for sharing!

  2. My first time looking at your website! What lovely pictures!

    We have lots of local Farmer's Markets here in southern California also, but nothing beats homegrown!

    Enjoyed browsing your posts!
    Blessings to you from
    Amy in sunny San Diego county!