Saturday, November 22, 2008


By yesterday afternoon I was bored. The house was quiet--not just quieter than usual, but absolutely quiet. No one was talking or practicing the piano or singing or yelling or listening to a tape or talking on the phone. Julie and Aaron were working, Betsy was writing a paper on her laptop, Mom was sorting through piles of paper, and everyone else was lying around sleeping. I worked on homework and then worked on some more homework and then ate lunch (I was the only person in the house who had lunch yesterday) and worked on more homework. 

By the afternoon I had a lot of homework done and I was bored! I never remember our house being so quiet for so long. Since there was no one doing anything interesting for me to photograph, I resorted to still life of eggs and bananas. 

By late afternoon the invalids had enough strength to sit or lie on the couches in the living room and talk. Dad collected data and found a correlation between the type of cake we ate Wednesday night at friends' houses and who became ill (Mom, Aaron and I had caramel cake and none of us were sick; the others had chocolate cake and five out of seven were down for the day). I'm skeptical of the chocolate cake theory, but it showed Dad was on the mend since he could talk about food and was analyzing data. 

This morning everyone's up and around with no further casualties.

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  1. I'm glad to hear you have 10 up now. I hate the thought that chocolate cake could do something so yucky.