Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Libby with Fatso's kid (left) and Little Man (right). Little Man is Libby's goat. Libby and Brian raised him last year after his mama, Bossy, died. Little Man had a broken leg--probably from Bossy kicking him when he tried to nurse and she had sore teats. His leg healed over the summer. He's now the biggest of last year's kids and Libby is training him to pull a cart. 

Fatso's kid chews on Libby's kerchief. 

This one is for those of you who found Snowy so handsome and attractive. He's still visiting our farm. He's not quite so stinky as he was when he first arrived. Libby tells me that he makes funny sounds and sticks out his tongue when he's after the girl goats. He was tied up on Saturday because one of last year's kids was in heat and Brian didn't want her to have kids.


  1. Did you ever imagine that your brother would have a goat herd? I don't think I would have. I hope Libby can train her goat. I remember Kendra trying to train Polly to pull, and it was a big test of patience. I don't think she ever did suceed.

  2. Your all's goats are nice looking animals! I especially like the first photo . . . how sweet! What breed are they?

    (By the way . . . the problem with commenting was on our end and my brother fixed it)

  3. The kids in the first two photos are Saanen-Alpine. The billy is Saanen. Brian likes the Saanens best, though he has a few Alines or Alpine mixes. The Alpines and a Nubian-Alpine came as a package deal with a loader tractor. This fall some friends Saanen-Alpine goats ended up in our herd as well.