Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Camera

After my camera malfunctioned once in May I asked God to provide me with a new camera. Dad bought my Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z6 three years ago for my birthday and it has been my nearly constant companion since. It's been a valuable tool and I've shot thousands of photos. It began exhibiting signs in the past months that reminded me that it would not last forever. So I prayed and began looking at cameras (Side note: Don't look at cameras unless you plan to purchase one. When I first searched on the Internet I was just looking to see what was available. By the time I closed the browser I was thinking about which camera and accessories I wanted to buy).  

God abundantly blessed our blueberry harvest this year and I earned enough to stash some money in my savings account and purchase a camera. On Friday a Canon Rebel XSi arrived. Now I'm praying that my wimpy wrists will adjust to a bigger camera. Here is a sample of the photos I've shot. I'm still experimenting with the settings and discovering new features.

If you look closely you can see spittle on Logan's lip. I'm glad to have a brother young enough to drive tiny tractors across the carpet while producing tractor sounds. Soon he will join his brothers in driving the big ones across the field.

My niece

Julie is always willing to pose for me

Abstract art

Dad's blue-eyed beauties


  1. May you have many happy Kodak moments with your new camera.

    PS love the photo of Kaelyn, Abstract art took me several seconds to figure out, gotta love the drool....

  2. Wonderful photos, Amy! It looks like you are very much enjoying your new camera! :)