Thursday, November 20, 2008

Goat barn

After five years, the goat barn has a foundation. The next job is to set the multi-sided building on its cement base.

Betsy and Brian learned carpentry as they constructed the building five years ago as a home for Brain's two goats and Betsy's sheep. They planned to pour a foundation after the building was complete, and that task became a necessity when the bottom boards began to rot. 

This year Brian began work on a proper foundation. First he moved the goat barn a few feet from its original location so that he could begin digging the hole. He began building forms before he left for Bible school. Calculating the dimensions for the forms was difficult and involved a lesson or two in geometry. Dad and Logan worked on the forms while Brian was at Bible school and Brian completed them when he returned home. 

The cement truck arrived Tuesday morning and Brian, Libby, Logan and Aaron guided the wet cement into the forms. Now the cement has to cure before the building is set on its new foundation and the goats take possession of their home again.

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  1. Good job on the pour crew... I'm sure the goats will be happy with their new home!