Friday, November 7, 2008


Naomi and I love picnics. In the summer we eat lunch outside nearly every day, usually on the front porch. It's not often warm enough to eat outside in November, so we took advantage of the sunshine yesterday. Libby, Logan and Naomi completed their morning jobs by ten o'clock and we celebrated with hot dogs, chips and mini donuts that Logan chose at the corner gas station/party store. 

We ate lunch on our second story deck on the back of the house. It was warmer there, on the south side of the house with the sun reflecting off the white siding. It was our first time to use the table and umbrella that we picked up for free by the side of the road this summer. Some of my siblings act embarrassed by road-side scavenging, but Mom and I congratulated ourselves on our find.

Logan arranging lawn chairs on the deck.

Naomi devouring her hot dog.

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  1. Interesting shot with the umbrella....makes the space looks much bigger than it is. Naomi's expression is precious... I think we are just getting into picnic season in Arizona.