Thursday, January 21, 2010


Betsy's nurse Samantha heard that she loved color. She brightened Betsy's room by decorating her board and making a paper star (Betsy says she's going to ask Samantha how she made the star). Betsy later sent her colorful star to the hospital across the city where the woman involved in the accident is recovering. Samantha made Betsy an even bigger star.

Naomi and Logan were allowed to visit Tuesday evening. On Wednesday night Brian wheeled Mom up in a wheelchair. She visited Aaron and Julie and then settled in a chair to spend the night with Betsy. Dad also spent the night at the hospital and Julie's friend Sarah stayed with her. God granted me five and a half hours of non-interrupted, in-my-own-bed sleep last night. I feel good!

Julie and Betsy and I laid on our beds and talked just like we're used to doing. Well, not quite, but Betsy was able to call Julie and talk to her while they laid in their beds. I took pictures of Betsy to show to Julie and of Julie to show Betsy.

Julie's room has the most flowers. The people from Dad's work sent arrangements for each of the invalids. They even sent silk flowers for Betsy which made it to ICU. The little girl Julie babysits for sent her a huge lollypop. Julie called to tell her thank-you and they both were excited to hear the other's voice. The arrangement in the foreground was sent by Joel and Judith and Kaelyn. Julie also received flowers from her friends in the accounting department at SVSU and from friends who visited on Tuesday.

Julie and Dad have a meeting at eight this morning to talk with the appropriate people about options for Julie's extended care. She will be spending weeks in bed.

Aaron was moved from ICU yesterday. He is no longer on the IV and is allowed to eat and move as he chooses. His right eye has been swollen shut but the nurses are giving him eye drops to help it heal. When Brian saw Aaron last night he said that Aaron finally seemed like himself--he was in bed talking about the details of the accident.

When someone in scrubs walks in Betsy's room, I see a doctor or a nurse. Betsy sees a friend. The nurses have been compassionate and helpful and Betsy has lots of new friends. In fact Samantha stayed past her shift Wednesday evening to listen to an O.Henry story with Betsy on her ipod and then left her own ipod charger for Betsy to use.


  1. Good morning, Amy. Sounds like everyone is progressing--praise God! I'm so thankful your Mom could come to the hospital. It will do her a world of good to be near Betsy, Aaron and Julie.

    I wanted to cry when I saw the star and colorful writing on the white board. Do we serve an amazing God?! And for Betsy to send the star to comfort the other driver is an act of selfless love that will resonate for eternity.

    So good to hear that Aaron is up and around. Just a miracle!

    Tell Julie that her smile and yours is salve to the soul!

    I see Betsy has oxygen...I trust that will help make her breathing less painful?

    Love you all, and you're in my thoughts and prayers every minute!

    ~ Betsy O.

  2. Thanks for the photos and update Amy. This is a safe way for me to visit the hospital :) Praise God for each new good report and praying for more.

  3. So praising God for the healing that is already taking place and also for the lives that are being touched by your family in your "new" mission field. Kevin & Kathy Jo Kindy

  4. So nice to see Julie smiling. Thanks Amy for allowing those of us away from Michigan to have a glimps of the new developments. We have prayed for speedy recovery, peace and lots of rest for the entire family. Our warm greetings to everyone, especially to the 3 still in the hospital.
    Love Georgians (almost hillbillies)

  5. Praying tonight for you, Amy, as you help manage the household, hold hands of your sisters through days and nights, and spread encouragement. Your pictures and words are therapy for everyone who is concerned and holding your family in prayer.

    Mrs. Z.