Sunday, January 24, 2010


Brian spent Saturday with Betsy in her new room. Betsy was moved from ICU to a regular room where she was able to rest without as many interruptions. My friend Amanda and I gave Betsy a real shower and washed her hair. Later Brian and I walked with Betsy all the way down the hall to the nurses' station and back.

~Hurts & Hallelujahs~
  • A quarter of Aaron's back lower molar is missing. Our dentist prescribed a higher dose of pain medication for him.
  • Everyday bodily functions become a big deal when bodies are messed up by trauma and medication.
  • As physical bodies heal we are beginning to deal with our emotions as well.
  • Betsy moved from ICU and got rid of some of her wires and tubes in the process.
  • Mom, Dad, Aaron, Logan and Naomi ate a meal together around our dining-room table.
  • The swelling in Naomi's hand has subsided and she doesn't have as much pain in her elbow.


  1. Amy...praise God for His day of rest! It's so good to know that Betsy is out of ICU and resting more comfortably. What a blessing to have you and Amanda continue the personal spa treatment that her lovely nurse began.

    Progress day at a time.

    We will think of you at church this morning, as we lift our voices in praise and thankfulness to God.

    Please tell Betsy and Julie that we watched Agent Abbey last night, and really enjoyed it!

    ~ Betsy O.

  2. The picture of Brian sitting in Betsy's room touches me. I remember how, as children they always played together.