Friday, January 22, 2010

ICU spa

Betsy and Amy comb Betsy's hair Thursday afternoon. Betsy's hair is normally tangly and she had a huge, awful, terrible snarl after her ambulance rides. Our friend Kendra spent over an hour combing before the nasty thing was conquered.

Betsy received spa treatment in ICU Thursday night. God sent her a nurse who was eager to wash Betsy's long hair. The nurse spread a trash bag under Betsy's head to catch the water and then used cups of water and globs of shampoo and conditioner to clean Betsy's hair. It made Betsy relax so much that we had to remind her to breath deeply so that her machine didn't start beeping because her oxygen level was low. Both Julie and Betsy had been bothered by their dirty hair and both had their hair washed on Thursday, which was a blessing.

Julie talks to Betsy on the phone from her new private room. When a bed is available Julie will be transfered to a next-door facility where we expect she will stay for at least a week. Aaron may be released from the hospital to come home today, if he can control his pain by oral medication.

In other news, Betsy's doctors and nurses are concerned by her fever. She's had ice packs under her arms and a fan blowing on her at times to try to reduce the fever. She may have a touch of pneumonia. It's important that her pain is controlled enough that she can breath deeply to keep her lungs open and clear.


  1. Dearest Amy--I've forwarded your update and prayer requests for Betsy's fever to our church, as I've been doing since Monday night. Know that you all are being lifted high to heaven's throne! I can almost feel the tingly relief in Betsy and Julie's scalp after their spa therapy--what a thoughtful blessing from God!

    The children have prepared some letters and "color therapy" for Betsy, Julie and Aaron. Look for them in the mail soon!

    ~ all our love ~ Betsy and the O's

  2. I'm glad J & B got the spa treatment but think I'll pass on the ICU spa.

  3. Dear Amy, Thank you for the daily updates. Your family continues to be in my prayers. God is certainly answering. When things are darkest, we see Him more clearly I think.

  4. A Friend of mine pointed me your way.
    Your family is now in my thoughts and prayers.

    Looking through your past posts brought back memories of my being in the bed with my sisters running up and down the floors to Mom in ICU, Dad next floor, and me in my room.
    The memory of a Pastor and his wife coming in ER to pray with me, and that being the way I found out that my brother who was driving, had gone on home to be with our Lord.
    Months of healing for Mom...
    The joy of knowing all the the strength of so many prayers going up for your family is wonderful isn't it?! :)
    I don't know what else to say, but keep holding on to God and remember He's working all this out for His will to be done in it.
    It's odd, but we were talking about this tonight, the Lord can work though such things as this that may hurt us, but He puts these hard times in our lives, to be blessings to others that come in our path at the time.
    Just trying to be a blessing, Bethany Townsend

  5. Amy thank you so much for putting this on your blog im one of Betsy's great friend from bible school i just recently found out what had happen and i felt very sad and happy at the same time that she is doing better and so are the others please keep me posted my new email address is thank you
    Jessica Abarca