Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My side of the story...

Amy holding Aaron's hand in the emergency room after he was transfered to the larger medical facility and before he had surgery.

"Amy there's just been a terrible accident." Julie cried through the phone. "It's awful. There's blood everywhere and Aaron's really hurt!"

Through the chaos I learned that 911 had been called, as far as Julie knew everyone was alive and the ambulances would take them to the local hospital.

I was the only one home. The remaining members of my family, except my brother who lives in Pennsylvania, where on a trip in celebration of Brian's birthday when a vehicle ran a stop sign and hit our fifteen passenger van. The van rolled. Julie called me seconds after calling 911.

A friend drove me to the hospital while I called out-of-town family members. Of the nine people in the vehicle, Dad and Brian were relatively unhurt. Julie and Brian were transported by ambulance to one hospital while the rest of the family members were taken to the closer hospital.

After I arrived at the hospital and saw and talked to all of my family members who were there, I rode in an ambulance with Betsy forty-five minutes to the larger medical center. Later Aaron and then Julie were transported to the same hospital. The rest of the family was eventually released from the first hospital.

I am now in the ICU sitting beside Aaron's bed. He had plastic surgery for deep cuts he sustained to his face. Betsy is in a room next door. She has small lacerations to her kidney and liver as well as three broken ribs. Julie is on the next floor and Dad is with her. She has a broken pelvis. The rest of the family is recovering at home.

And some day perhaps I will write some of the rest of the story...the little details and the big details that show the evidence of a caring God. But now the nurse is hinting that I should try to rest too...

Betsy preparing to be transfered forty-five minutes from the hospital where she was first taken to the larger medical facility.

Julie after she arrived at the larger medical facility from a hospital an hour away.


  1. Amy...the Lord woke me no less than 10 or 12 times last night, with an urgency to pray for all of you. I will be fasting for you today as well. Please let me know what I can do to help. Give your Mom a big hug from me. I love you all ~ Betsy O.

  2. I love you guys! Hang in there. I'll be up in a day for so again to see how everyone is doing.

  3. We are praying and ready to help. We are getting updates through Dee, but please don't hesitate to call us directly.

    The Ziettlows

  4. Heard from Judith last night.
    Love and prayers to you.
    Sis. Engle

  5. We are praying for you and our extended family is also. Thanks be to God for his protection for your family already. And we will continue to pray for his help and protection as everyone mends. If there is anything we can do to help, let us know also.
    May God continue to bless you all, Marian &
    the rest of the Paul Card family

  6. Amy, I am praying for all your family, knowing how difficult it is to see a loved one injured. Knowing the feeling of helplessness,but at the same time knowing we can put our trust in God. Thanking God for your strenght and perfect peace,and on all of your family. I also know that Carolyn aches to be with you all,and am praying for my best friend too.

  7. My side of the story:
    We were having an extended Odyssey of the mind practice. The team of seven middle grades students were at our house. Wayne walked fast to the backyard and requested to speak to me, Matthew and Nathan. We were apprehencive, he had glassy eyes. I antecipated bad news (perhaps something with Dalla's baby?). I started crying and breathing heavely. I asked what happened? "There has been an accident (I always hated these 5 words), The Cooks were in a terrible accident." We hugged each other, cried together and eagerly sought details of the accident. What happened? Who got hurt? How hurt? Where are they? How can we help? How can we make it be normal again? What can we do end the anguish and pain? Those were a few of the questions asked as we confused tried to make sense of the situation.

    I want to hear stories of bluberry picking, cookies baking, farmers market, hay, cold weather and fun loud laughter. I want our Cook family back. But all I got now it's the faith that God is in charge. All I got now is the faith that the Lord will grant my wishes of calling the Cooks to discuss trivial things such as suggestions for Christmas presents rather than trying to get updates on injuries sustained from this terrible accident. Thanks Amy for helping us better understand this awful incident. I thank the Lord for your gift of writing and photographing for it allow us to picture it in our minds as we try to understand it. We are praying for everyone in your family and the other lady involved in the accident.

    Love, Dr. Senora, Dona, Mrs. Aunt Gera

  8. Hi Amy;
    You don't know me, but I've read your blog for a long time and I wanted to let you know that y'all are at the top of my prayer list---my family is on our knees for you. May God be glorified.

    Because of Calvary,
    Anna Joy


  9. Later I learned that Betsy had six broken ribs.