Saturday, January 23, 2010


Julie and Betsy's request was granted. Julie dropped by Betsy's room in ICU for two minutes Friday afternoon as she was transfered to the rehab center down the road. Aaron, who was released to go home later in the afternoon, walked down for the reunion as well.

"That's the best thing that's happened to you isn't it?" I asked Betsy after everyone left. She smiled and nodded "yes."

Oh, and, they wore matching clothes to the reunion. The theme was a geometric combination of lines and diamonds in shades of gray and aqua on a white background. I think it's the first time Julie, Betsy and Aaron have ever matched!


  1. What an awesome gift to your siblings, to be able to just see each other! I pray that Julie's recovery in rehab will be swift and complete.

    How wonderful that Aaron can be home. I'm sure Brian misses his buddy! Please beseech Aaron to take it easy, though...there are many capable hands at your house.

    How are YOU holding up, Amy? And has Betsy's fever come down some?

    ~ Betsy O.

  2. Betsy's fever came down. I think we're starting to deal with some of the emotions now. Yesterday was a difficult day for me, but God was sufficient.

  3. You are all still in my prayers. What a reunion that must have been. I'm glad to read the humor in matching outfits!

  4. Dear Amy, such joy to discover your blog. You have many God-given gifts so obvious after reading these stories and viewing your photos.

    Thank-you! Bringing you all to a mighty God who created you all and knows what healing need to take place- body and soul...

    Love and prayers!

  5. We're rejoicing with you at daily positive developments. Can you tell me where Julie is now?

  6. understand those difficult days...sometimes they hit at the most unexpected times. Thanks for sharing so openly in your blog. Love you.

  7. Aw, what a blessing for them!


    Anna Joy