Monday, January 25, 2010


Libby reads aloud from the Psalms as Betsy goes to sleep Sunday evening.

"Lots of people must be praying for me," Betsy said before she went to sleep in the evening. Sunday morning she vomited her pain medicine. When I arrived at the hospital I reminded her that it was Sunday.

"You know what that means?" I asked. "People all over are going to go to church. Somebody's going to get up and say, 'Is there any prayer requests [sic]? Then somebody in the back is going to raise their hand and then they're going to pray for us. I think you're going to have a good day!"

We had a good day and a good night. Betsy slept comfortably for the first time in a week.


  1. The Psalms are such a comfort. I'm glad Libby was able to do this for Betsy.

    How is Julie doing in her new rehab facility? Are either of the girls able to receive outside phone calls?

    ~ Betsy O.

  2. Oh! Amen, amen! That is one of the first things I did when I got to church Sunday. And I didn't think I was going to be able to go to church (because of the rough night/morning her and I had) but I did! So glad she got to sleep!

    Love, Lauren-Mae Spiker

  3. Tori said her whole Sunday school class prayed for all of you! :) It is really good to read these updates to the girls and see the pictures!

  4. Glad to hear it!--We were indeed praying.