Thursday, September 4, 2008

A bouquet

for an aunt in Arizona 
from nieces in Michigan

Julie asked me to photograph zinnias she and Libby raised this year. The girls sold a few bouquets at the Farmer's Market, but most of the blooms we enjoy at home.


  1. Thanks for the beautiful flowers...I was going to say I liked the one on the porch with the clean white lines and green grass...until I saw the one taken from the backside showing the curves of the stems....excellent especially with blank background. Bravo! Your bloom-less Aunt

  2. Amy, is your Aunt Carolyn living in Arizona now, or just visiting?

    Beautiful flowers, by the way. The girls did well!

    Betsy O.

  3. My favorites are the first (definitely) and the second and last one. I LOVE looking at your
    "creations". :) And I still think
    you need to come let me show you around the nooks and crannies of our area. :) As I'm driving along I now find myself thinking:
    "Amy could get a neat picture of that..."

  4. Yes. Aunt Carolyn moved to Arizona in August. We miss her LOTS.