Monday, September 22, 2008


My Grandpa's refrigerator was a collage of pictures of his grandchildren 
clipped from the newspaper, magazines and calendars. 

I miss my Grandpa. When my jaw hurt from having my wisdom tooth extracted so that I could hardly talk or eat, I wished he were here to bring me a treat to make me feel better. I remember lying on the bathroom rug near the toilet suffering with the flu. Grandpa brought me a purple jaw breaker. I couldn't eat it then, but I looked at it until a day or two later when my stomach settled. When I finally licked the candy I didn't like the taste. But Grandpa's treats didn't have to taste good to make me feel better. Giving was how Grandpa expressed his love. Today my jaw doesn't hurt and I don't have the flu, but I wish Grandpa were here to give me a treat to make me feel better. 


  1. don't make me cry here in the computer lab at school...

    I miss grandpa so much too... lately I've thought of how he'd bring us candy corns-- and I don't even like how they taste.

    with teary eyes.

  2. Must be grandpa missing day....found myself in tears before I even got out of bed this morning when a song played on the radio about someone sick and dying at the age of 85. Thanks to God that we have all these good memories as we remember such a special person. I miss the laughter that he added to my life. What a gift he had to make people chuckle. I loved when he thought a joke was so funny that he laughed at it even as he told it. I felt very please when, every so often, I could tell a joke well enough or funny enough to make him laugh. Do you suppose he has a group of angels and saints sitting around and listening to his joke now? I'm sure they are enjoying such a well developed sense of humor.