Monday, September 15, 2008


Libby brought me sunflowers, gladiolas, and dahlias from her garden on Saturday. I placed the sunflowers in a metal pitcher to take to church, and arranged the gladiolas and dahlias in vases for our bedrooms. Since then I've been waiting for enough natural light to photograph the white and pink gladiolas in my pink room. It's been dark and drizzly the past few days. 

On Sunday morning, I gave up and used a flash (the photo above). I dislike using the flash because it flattens the light and creates shadows. This morning there still wasn't enough natural light in my bedroom, so I spread a black sheet on the railing of the deck. The overcast light was suitable for photographing flowers (middle two photos). Finally, just a few minutes ago, the sun broke through the clouds enough to allow me to photograph the flowers complimenting my pink bedroom (last photo).


  1. I loved the photos, Amy! Your room is beautiful! (As are the gladiolas. :)

  2. Thanks Sarah. I'm sure my sister Julie would like me to acknowledge that we share the room.