Monday, September 29, 2008


Kaelyn's Mommy, Tia Amanda and Aunt Amy amused themselves on Saturday afternoon by photographing her. 


  1. What a beautiful baby!! Oh my goodness, it is going to be SO HARD for you all to have this precious angel move so far away! I hope Judith has a little time to revive her blog, so that we can watch Kaelyn grow...

    Great pictures, Amy~

    Betsy O.

  2. I love the expression on the apple shot...too "What in the world is going on? Where did all these apples come from?"

  3. Okay, you guys were having TOO much fun there. I love the apple picture! I can picture you in my mind grinning as you snap. :)
    Yeah! Some Cooks in PA! that will get the Bylers and Cooks out here for visits. Hey, Amy, I might get my chance to take you around yet for some picture taking.

  4. She is so cute! I love the pretty pink flowers, what kind of flowers are those?

  5. The big flowers are dahlias that Kaelyn's Uncle David grew.