Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reason #21

Why I enjoy running the blueberry farm
It's seasonal
A more red than blue blueberry bush last October.

My best reasons--college and home school, family time, church activities, tooth extraction--proved a pittance last Saturday as I weighed berries for customers. "How much longer are you going to be open?" they would ask. I put on my "sorry" smile, reviewed my list of reasons, and admitted that Saturday was our last official day. It wasn't enough. 

It was a shame. So many berries wasted. Couldn't we stay open just one more week?

By the end of the morning I felt like telling customers we were selfish people who had nothing to do but open the blueberry farm at their convenience but we were closing because we wanted to waste berries. I didn't.

One of my faithful customers offered another perspective. "This has to end sometime," she said. Berry picking is seasonal. September is no longer the season of berry picking for our family; it is the season of classes and books. 

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