Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not duck soup

"I can do that. Duck soup," my dentist says referring to removing my upper wisdom teeth.

There was no mention of poultry this morning as he applied "Pressure. More pressure"  to extract my bottom, right wisdom tooth.

For as small as I am, the dentist said the root was large and secure. He removed the stubborn thing, and I am at home resting with ice on my wisdom-depleted jaw. 


  1. Ouch! I feel your should try my dentist...just pop and slide and its out. Hope your mouth feels better soon.
    Amy, you are such an inspiration to me that I finally had to try blogging myself. Of course it is difficult to teach an old aunt new tricks. I haven't been able to find my post but if its out there it would be at

  2. I don't think my tooth was the pop and slide kind, no matter who the dentist was. I'm doing okay. I taught art class to Brian, Libby, Logan and Naomi this afternoon, without talking too much. Still keeping the ice on. I did put an order in with Julie to have her stop at the store and buy me soft food.

  3. Yiikes!! :( My dentist put me out for my wisdom teeth, and I was so thankful. They ended up having to cut a couple of them out, and I'd just rather sleep through it... ;-)

  4. I would rather get a shot than go to the dentist...and that's saying something. Not sure why, but I have
    never had real kind thoughts toward dentists. I guess I just don't care to have other people messing around in MY mouth.